Manx Glass work

Sea glass Memory Bowl

This piece of art has a long story, of which the beginning we will never know. So long ago a bottle found it’s way into the sea and has been tumbling around for many, many years, we pick our first piece from the sand and then we are hooked. So we become part of the story with our wanderings and rambles on beautiful shores, like magpies we begin our collection.

Your precious nougats of sea glass can be transformed into a piece of art that will celebrate your love of the coast and sea.

This particular bowl measures approximately 25 cm in diameter by 8 cm deep.

Please get in touch via the contact form if you are interested in sea glass art works, you can find the contact form in the menu bar at the top of the page.

Manx Glass Pendants

These Glass pendants are hand etched and leaded, the designs are inspired by the traditional symbols that are associated the Isle of Man.

I currently have 4 different designs, the 3 legs of Mann, a Celtic Knot and The triskelion that many Manx people would associate with the Millennium celebrations back in 1979 and Holly leaves. You can find them all in the my shop here on the website and they are available for local pick up in the Isle of Mann.